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H2O has built thriving churches in 10 out of Malawi’s 32 prisons with a total of 25,000 inmates in the congregation. Every pastor of these churches is an ex-convict.

H2O's training program free dozens of inmates yearly from prison by paying off their debt and teaching each prisoner a trade, so they will thrive in their village.

H2O needs your help to free many more prisoners.  

For just $70 to $240 per person each prisoner will learn a trade (carpentry, electrician, masonry, sewing etc.) and will thrive outside of prison..


H2O has constructed three hospitals in prisons with plans to build more as donations reach $6,000 for a hospital.

(People from the community line up outside of prisons just so they can get into our hospitals.)

H2O is sustaining a 2,000-square-foot training facility in Malua prison where prisoners learn 10-15 different subjects including agriculture, animal husbandry, construction, masonry, iron-mongering, English, computers, sewing, and irrigation.

We’ve supplied prison soccer leagues whose teams compete in national tournaments. It may seem like no big deal, but when men who have nothing to live for except to sit in the dirt all day in prison have someone come to them and say, “Hey. You matter. I want you on my team. Come play—“

It’s life-changing. It’s putting the honor and value that God sees in them back into their consciousness again.


September 22, 2017

We're hosting soccer teams in prisons across Malawi in order to give these men a reason to get through each day. They are coming to Jesus and learning that they matter once more. 

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Find out how you can join these Projects.

  1. Solar Systems to provide lighting, cellphone charging, laptops, bakery, and milling to corn, rice, or maize.

  2. Well drilling for sanitary and agricultural water.

  3. Micro lending, store, bakery, poultry, and food products.

  4. Partnering with global and local ministries.

  5. Clothing, building, coolers, refrigeration, etc.

September 22, 2017

We've supplied local communities with bread ovens designed by Bright Vision Solar in order to both feed the people AND, perhaps more importantly, to boost the struggling economy. These aren't just bread ovens, they are catalysts to sustainable economic prosperity in regions that have been long in poverty.

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H2O provides opportunities to help others!

Example of "Cityteam" solar project for Ensenada Mexico memo:

"City Team is partnering with Bright Vision Solar out of Santa Cruz to start a business project that will provide solar solutions to the challenges the poor faces in Latin America. We plan to launch the beta project in Ensenada and once a profitable business model is perfected, plan to scale it all over Latin America. Profits will cover some of that region's ministry expenses and provide seed capitol for kick-starting similar businesses in other regions while it provides good paying jobs to hardworking people.

This can be a game-changer for the disciple making movements Cityteam launched in Latin America as it has the potential to provide sustainable and scalable funding that has not been the case thus far.

Total cost of Beta is $5,500 and I received the 1st $2,000 already. That leaves only $3,500 to get this up and running.
In the comment section, please stipulate that this is for the "Ensenada Solar Project"

Blessings to you all,

Hermie Smit"

Filthy & unsafe water for drinking and sanitary use.

Drought - starvation 

Two clean water wells for drinking and growing use.

Every water project requires a community to do their part.

Donate your share and bring clean water to a community today.

Share in Water Project

Wells - prosperity

Share in Growing Food

Irrigation from H2O water wells is providing excess crops for BVS villages, but the need is great for other orphanages.

Sustainable?  Yes, teaching people to Survive and Thrive works!

Leadership team! 





Paddy requires all three leaders prior to committing to assist and training a community.

Good well water supply, yielded excess crops.
Paddy and leadership team, suggested building a store, to sell the excess crops plus a solar oven to produce loaves of bread to sell.

The store was built by H2O's trained "surviving and thriving people". The store is generating profit for the community by selling crops and baked bread, as well as providing phone-charging stations. 


The leadership team is now

operating a micro-lending business to help other orphanages and villages.

The leadership team has also built schools, installed solar lighting, and built new homes; the community is not only surviving, it is thriving.


Yes, and we invite you to use a similar model for your ministry, of teaching and helping people to "survive and thrive".

Paddy Brady

What is next for H2O?

A hammer-mill to produce life-sustaining corn, maize, or rice flour at substantial savings to our village. 

His 2 Offer, is also building a solar powered system to support each village with electric power.  Each village is excited for the opportunity and will be providing income to H2O to assist other villages to "survive and thrive".

H2O is looking forward to your support, prayers, and help as orphanages and people around the globe need to "survive and thrive".