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We offer what we have been given to empower others

Inspiring Visions for a Better Future Together

Kids Playing at Bright Vision Orphan Care.
View from above Bright Vision Orphan Care
Surf & Paddle Club Camp — Almost Up!.
Surf Club, Lake Malawi — Success!
Bright Vision Orphan Care children getting daily water.
A new well installed and a “How to wash your hands” demo.
Our Latest Project: New rice fields near Nhkotakota.

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Our Heart: To Establish Sustainable Projects

We believe in partnerships that transform local communities. Our focus is to fund projects that equip and educate people to quickly transition from relief to development. We strive for mutual accountability and partnerships which honor independence.

His 2 Offer specializes in short-term missions that become long-term relationships. We aim to be a catalyst that initiates transformation that leads to independence and fosters personal initiative by inspiring visions for a better future together, locally and globally.

Our Focus: Enterprise • Clean Water • Youth

Check Out Our Enterprise ProjectsInspiring Enterprise & Well Being
Check Out Our Water ProjectsCreating Access to Clean Water
Check Out Our Youth ProjectsSharing Knowledge & Education

Our Goals

1. To create accessible clean water solutions.

2. To share our skills to foster independence.

3. To inspire community enterprise and well-being.

4. To collaborate with local leadership.

5. To honor God by empowering others.